Reimagining Healthcare
Exponential changes in technology and the need for economic sustainability are rushing in a period where heath care systems around the world will be disrupted and changed for the better

Servidor de imágenes médicas que contiene un visualizador web, permitiendo informar desde cualquier parte del mundo sin importar la plataforma que se use.


Sistema de Información Radiológica (RIS) es la administración de datos de los procesos radiológicos, contemplando todas las etapas: desde toma de hora para un examen, hasta la presentación del informe de resultados de dicho examen, entre otros.


Visualizador de imágenes vía streaming desarrollado con tecnología HTML5, que permite que se perfile como una herramienta de gran potencial para realizar diagnósticos a distancia.


En Toth hemos pensado, ayudados por médicos y radiólogos, en la forma de darle la mejor experiencia a los pacientes.

Reimagining Healthcare
With increasing health needs, we need to look for new tools to provide efficient solutions
Health care spending is on an unsustainable trajectory – due to demographic change (aging population) and the sedentary lifestyles that accompany economic development and urbanisation
The health care system should be focused more than ever before on sustainability and balance three fundamental imperatives:
access, improve quality and cost management.
EHealth (Mobile Applications, wearables, social media, and analytics) provides a key part of the response by reducing costs
Internet of Things
Integration Medical Devices and Wearables
The constant monitoring of the health status of patients in real-time, should prevent diseases and improve the management of patient care
Medical equipment Dicom and not Dicom communication protocol to achieve intelligently storing information in the cloud and able to be accessed from anywhere on any device.
Different devices for capturing medical information from clinical signs associated with smartphone from synchronous and asynchronous manner.

From any device
And from anywhere faster and safer
Mobile and Multi-platform
A system that works in any browser and on any device
Cloud-based system Cloudant database (CouchDB) for more Performance, safety and productivity, with lower needs bandwidth and hardware.

Analytical & Artificial Intelligence
Toth E-health
Artificial intelligence helps support doctors in understanding abnormalities and health conditions. It provides a method to obtain greater levels of accurately and better diagnosis.
The analytical power of AI enables the accurate analysis of large amounts of data. It supports decision making and provides a way to obtain a holistic diagnosis of patients.
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